Which Sigma is best for your business?

Which Sigma is best for your business?

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a statistically- based, data-driven approach and continuous improvement methodology for eliminating any type of issue in a product, process or service.  

Sigma symbols the population standard deviation which is a measure of the variation in a data set collected about the process. If a detect is defined by specification limits. Six Sigma can also be identified as a measure of process performance, based on defects per million. Once the performance of the process is measured the goal is to consistently improve the sigma level striving towards Six Sigma, even if the improvements do not reach Six Sigma, the efforts made from Three Sigma to Four Sigma to  FIve, will cut costs and increase customer satisfaction. 


What are the benefits of Six Sigma?

Six Sigma has a history of ensuring top quality to the output of a business in the form of incremental improvements to a product or a service. It can also be used to optimize supply chain processes and increase customer satisfaction. Benefits of Six Sigma go beyond problem- solving and consider the entire production processes from raw materials to the end product.

Six Sigma is a proactive methodology that identifies and provides recommendations for potential problems before the company experiences any form of loss. Six Sigma can be applied in several categories within business-impacting profitability and cutting costs.  


What is Seven Sigma?

Seven Sigma is a successful designer, manufacturer, and supplier for high- performance polymer and metal components and assemblies for the printing, medical, aerospace, and industrial markets. The main objective is to provide the best products and services in the marketplace by understanding customer requirements, maintaining leading-edge capabilities and testing to deliver the best quality at competitive rates. 


Capabilities and Services

  • Innovate design solutions from concept to market, 
  • Ability to translate customer ideas into custom solutions. 
  • Component design. 
  • Extensive knowledge of materials. 
  • Prototyping. 
  • State of the Art CAD. 



At AAC MENA, it's our job to ensure you're aware of Sigma and select the process best suited for your organization. 

In order to know which Sigma is best for your business, it's essential to evaluate your needs and utilize the most appropriate. You might figure that both are good, or one is better than the other, Sigma exists to help support your needs accordingly. 


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Think Smart, Think Sigma!






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