Why Should ISO 21001 EOMS Operate into Educational Organizations?

Why Should ISO 21001 EOMS Operate into Educational Organizations?

ISO 21001 Management Systems for Educational Organizations (EOMS) focuses on educational systems and their respective services and products as well as, the improvement and enhancements and educational services and products. 


What is ISO 21001 (EOMS)?

EOMS is designed as a management tool that aims to help educational organizations/ institutions establish policies and procedures that ensure students (teachers, employees), customer's and other beneficiary's requirements and objectives are met. 


Why Do Educational Organizations Require ISO 21001 (EOMS)?

ISO 21001 provides a management tool for organizations offering educational products and services which results in meeting the learner's requirements. Although the main audience refers to learners and educational organizations, every other type of organizational institution can benefit greatly from ISO 21001. 


What Are The Competitive Advantages of ISO 21001? 

The advantage that ISO 21001 has over other management system standards is the guidance for use annexes (A to G), which are extensive, and provide information and guidance in relation to ISO 21001 and education-related. This standard is suitable across the field of educational providers, public or private educational sectors. 


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